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The Agor is a non-profit organization with headquarters in Verona which deals with children (or not) with brain damage caused by various "incidents" occurred during the lives of our children. That was and is still the primary method used for rehabilitation of Alessandro engages him in all times of the day. In order to apply this methodology are needed rehabilitation to people connected as friends or family, relatives or volunteers with an external approach to disability that it can be difficult to see a child in temporary and treat it like any other child the same age. The rehabilitation method draws on techniques pioneered by Sandler and Brown with whom you can restore neuronal connections through sensory stimulation and the application of specific exercises depending on the type of motor problem and / or sensory impairment of the child and the various moments of its growth. And 'therapy' cut and sewn "to measure the child. The advantage of Agor is that the child is evaluated from all points of view (food, sleep, schooling, etc ...) to make his life and that of the family who follows him as normal as possible. For those approaching for the first time in alternative methods of rehabilitation recommend reading the book: "The brain injury" by Ian Hunter.

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