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we want to tell you about the latest progress of our little hero. In October 2011 we went to Siena to take an intensive course of hydrokinetic "AQUANANDA" Boris Guinzbourg lasting a week. The course included two swimming lessons daily for a period of three hours each: seem like much, but we must say that Alessandro and the other 14 children who followed the course were nothing but excited to play in the water (34 ° C). Meanwhile Alessandro has perfected his style on the back, swimming in a perfectly self-contained and has finally learned to sit by himself in a position to "Indian" on the edge of the pool, also improved the grip of the hands and through the glasses began to move spontaneously with his face in the water, holding my breath and strokes of sketching, typical of freestyle. Who knows the next course in January ...... Talking to other parents you can say that everyone has noticed significant improvements in their children.

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