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Hello everyone,

my name is Alessandro I have thirteen years and have a healthy child born as a result of a bacterial infection caused me problems with mobility and neurological disorders. My "story" began three weeks after my birth after an ambulance ride to the hospital due to bronchiolitis goes undiagnosed, for a minor medical error. This infection has caused me a septicemia and subsequent brain damage, seizures as well as a serious cerebral edema, after a period in intensive care in a pharmacological coma induced and two months in Regina Margherita Hospital in Turin there was "counts" of the damage. But my parents, after an initial period of despair and bewilderment, have not given up, since their little "lion", had made it! Despite several ominous diagnosis and the "advice" of some luminary to keep me away from all the noise and environmental stimuli, and ... from my sister, I thought good to show who I was: a child brisk and lively, kicking and looking around with curiosity, smiling at life like all other children. After an initial period of rehabilitation at the ASL of competence and not having achieved significant improvements, my mother became aware of a non-profit association of Verona for the rehabilitation of children with brain damage with which we started a program of psychomotor recovery continues underway. Rehabilitation therapy is structured from simple exercises to perform and provides that takes place every day at home with the help of volunteers and private practitioners to reconstruct, through movement, the neuronal connections damaged by the trauma suffered. Following this methodology, my family became aware of therapies, which we are still attending. Unfortunately my tortuous path is aggravated by an intestinal hypotonia caused me a severe acid reflux and colic, painful bowel as well as food intolerance that still today many doctors, consulted with my parents, have not yet identified. I'm practicing physical therapy help me to resolve these issues to the belly. The path is very long but the hope of reaching independence is always behind the door.


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