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The hyperbaric chamber is used in the field of rehabilitation for the activation of neuronal connections with the aid of oxygen under pressure and acts as an accelerator of the central nervous system. Unlike other hyperbaric chambers, as in Tuscany using a helmet with oxygen regulator to apply to the patient, while our guides simply breathing the air in such a way as to minimize the risk of fire. The first two cycles of therapy involves two weeks with a frequency of two daily sessions from Monday to Friday after which the therapists, together with the family, assess the skills acquired and then the continuation of the therapy. Our experience has been and still is positive and the results were striking after a few cycles on a monthly basis, with results apparent in the attention and visual tracking, and were less apparent in the word. This therapy is still being compatible with the family budget. During the various courses we have attended we have learned one important thing: the human brain is most vulnerable is that we have to be constantly helped by a physiological environment composed of oxygen, water, carbon dioxide and a wealth of nutrients. The function of the brain and its survival depend on a continuous and balanced supply of these items. Oxygen is the most vital component of the brain and the environment is what is frequently threatened. The brain has the ability to store oxygen and, unlike a muscle, it has the ability to carry out essential activities without a constant supply of oxygen. A healthy brain requires a system of monitoring and observation to ensure a perfect optimum physiological environment. An injured brain has a crucial need of the same oxygen-rich environment, but can not maintain good observation and control measures because of the same lesion. In addition the brain injury often leads to a decrease as a result of the ability to complete all the activities that help the supply of oxygen and food to the brain that are proper functioning of the respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system, etc. ... The neurons of the brain does not have any tolerance due to the lack of oxygen.

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